About us

The history of Balkan Herbs began in 2013 in the Bulgarian town of Veliki Preslav. Along with our enthusiasm to offer organic products, the initial idea for our herbal tea drinks was born.

Bulgaria is one of the last places in Europe that harbours wild vegetation. This is what motivates us, preserving and respecting its diversity and richness, to use the wild plants collected in its ecologically clean mountain areas. The country’s favourable natural and climatic conditions further contribute to the accumulation of large quantities of biologically active substances in them.

Our recipes are in line with the latest scientific data on the pharmacological action of medicinal plants, which we choose to process naturally – drying them in the shade, in ventilated rooms. In this way, we successfully preserve their beneficial properties, natural colour and aroma and are confident that we can contribute to a wonderful tea experience. So we warmly invite you to find out more about it by going through what we have to offer.